HD TV + fresh air: Take DISH outside

DISH knows how to deliver TV anywhere, anytime. And although people don’t usually associate TV with blue skies and fresh air, between tailgating, RVing and camping, television has found a place outdoors.

With these outdoor enthusiasts in mind, DISH’s programming is compatible with six unique HD TV portable satellite antennas. Each offers something different, so sports super fans and RV couples alike can find features that best meet their viewing needs.

Winegard Pathway™ X1 for DISH:This portable, automatic satellite HD TV antenna lets users watch HD channels on their big screen TV while enjoying the great outdoors.  The X1 supports HD viewing on one TV, or users can attach another receiver to connect an additional TV.

Winegard Pathy™ X2 for DISH:The Pathway X2 supports up to two TVs for independent HD viewing. This means that a couple in an RV can watch two different HD channels using the same antenna at the same time.

King Controls Tailgater®:The Tailgater is DISH’s original HD TV portable antenna solution that supports viewing live HD TV programming on one TV.

King Controls Relay®:Ideal for TVs in RVs, the Relay is a permanent rooftop installation that supports one TV.

Winegard Trav’ler®:The Trav’ler is a permanent rooftopantenna. It supports up to nine TVs and is compatible with DISH’s Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR and Joey platform.

Winegard DISH Tri-Pod (TR-6100®):Great for big outdoor events, the portable, manual Winegard DISH Tri-Pod supports up to nine TVs.