Spotted: 5 Hot Gadgets at CES Unveiled

This week, we brought DISH gadgets to the Big Apple to participate in CES Unveiled New York. The annual tradeshow highlights some of the year’s most innovative products from both leading and emerging tech companies nationwide.

We took a few breaks from working the DISH booth to walk the showroom floor and check out the cool tech hitting the market. Here are five of our favorites.

  1. WakaWaka Power+: A compact solar charger capable of powering any phone or small electronic device while also providing up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light.
  2. Pulse by Sengled: A smart bulb that combines the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with the high-quality audio of a JBL Bluetooth speaker. Simply twist Pulse into any standard light socket, and adjust both lighting and sound from a Bluetooth enabled device.
  3. Adidas miCoach Smart Ball: Helps to improve your kicking technique through an integrated sensor that detects speed, spin, strike and flight path data, then instantly relays the info to the miCoach app on Apple devices.
  4. Myris by eyeLock: Analyzes video of an iris to verify user identity to log in to computers, websites, apps and more. The chances of a false match with Myris are less than one in 1.5 million.
  5. Swiftpoint GT: An ergonomic wireless mouse that combines natural touch gestures with the precision and convenience of a traditional mouse.

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