Live from CES: Your One-Stop Shop for DISH’s 2015 CES Announcements and Demos

We’re at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas this week, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you our lineup of products coming in 2015. If you caught our news conference yesterday morning, you know this is going to be a busy year for us at DISH. Lots of announcements yesterday, and lots of demos starting today.

Here’s a rundown of our CES announcements and list of demos that you can check out today through Friday in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, booth 8143.

  • 4K Ultra HD Joey. DISH is the first pay-TV provider to offer a set-top box that supports Ultra HD televisions. The ultra-thin receivers are small enough to fit behind wall-mounted 4K TVs and feature picture-in-picture and native Bluetooth support.
  • New Hopper user interface and remote. Hopper’s new UI, named “Carbon,” features a flat design, increased accessibility (including higher contrast for easier reading and customizable text size) and an innovative home screen that recommends programs you might like based on what you’ve viewed in the past. The new remote control, named ‘Hopper Voice’ features a touchpad for swipe and scroll navigation, a backlit touchpad and voice command capabilities. The remote has also been reduced to only 17 buttons from the 53 buttons on the current remote.
  • Whole-Home music available on Hopper and Joey. You can now play content from iHeart Radio, Pandora and TuneIn in any room where you have a Hopper or Joey. Simply launch the new DISH smartphone app that allows you to stream and control directly from Internet-connected Hoppers and Joeys, making whole-home music as easy as turning on a TV.
  • Vevo app now available on TV. As we make Hopper a more versatile paltform for you to get all of the entertainment that you want, we have added the Vevo app with access to a library of 100,000 HD music videos.
  • Lyve adds personal photos and videos to Hopper. DISH is enhancing Hopper with the addition of Lyve. This integration lets you consolidate the photos and videos stored across your devices – PCs, Macs, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire – into one app now accessible through your Hopper or Joey.


Also at CES, we are demoing a few product launches and updates from 2014:

  • Netflix integration on Hopper. You can now instantly stream Netflix movies and TV shows on second generation Hoppers, eliminating the hassle of switching TV inputs to access your favorite content on different devices.


  • Pathway X1. Pathway X1 for DISH lets you take TV away from the home. It is the smallest portable antenna available today and it offers the convenience of watching HD TV on-the-go, whether you’re in a football stadium parking lot or camping in the great outdoors.


  • SMARTbox. Targeted at hotels and hospitality operations, SMARTbox improves the TV entertainment experience for guests and reduces total cost of operations by providing one unit that has the flexibility to provide HD and SD channels simultaneously. This makes it easy, efficient and cost effective to serve all TVs in any size hotel.


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