Live from CES: DISH goes 4K

While we are here at CES in Vegas this week, we have the added benefit of seeing all of the latest and greatest in technology from innovators all over the world.

One of the trends we’re most excited for in 2015 is the incredible advancement of television. While standard definition (SD) once satisfied our TV-viewing appetite, high definition (HD) has become the norm over the past few years. And now, eager to take it to the next level, viewers are making the jump from HD to 4K ultra high definition (UHD). Read on, for more information on the newest technology in TV performance.

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Why 4K?

4K boasts four times as many pixels as HD, providing a viewing experience with sharper lines, smoother curves and more detail. Sounds awesome, right? Many TV manufacturers are making the transition to 4K right now, so you can expect to see these new products taking over store shelves this year.

DISH and 4K

To take full advantage of 4K UHD TV viewing capabilities of these new TVs, you’ll need to watch 4K UHD programming that is compatible with your 4K television. That’s where we come in.

This year, we’re launching the 4K ‘Ultra HD’ Joey to provide you with the most advanced picture quality available.If you’re at CES this week, stop by our booth to see a live demo of the newest 4K ‘Ultra HD’ Joey for yourself. We are located at booth #8143 in LVCC Central Hall.


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