How to: Watch Two Programs at Once with Hopper’s Side-by-Side Feature

watch two channels side by side

Learn how to use your Hopper’s side-by-side feature to simultaneously watch two programs on one TV. This is perfect for those of you who can’t decide between multiple sporting events airing at the same time; and it’ll be especially handy during the upcoming college football bowl games. Just select the two games you’d like to watch, and pull them up on your TV, side by side. Now that’s what we call multitasking.

  1. Press the PIP button on your remote control. (Note that PIP stands for picture-in-picture).

  2. Arrow to the SIDE BY SIDE option and press the SELECT button.
  3. Two channels will display on your TV as seen below.
    watch two channels side by side
  4. Channel changes will always be applied to the left side of the screen. To change the channel on the right side, first press the SWAP button, then tune to the channel you’d like to watch.


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