How Far Will People Go for $250? DISH Finds Out in New Video Series

What would you do for an extra $250? Would you give yourself a reverse Mohawk? Dress as a cheerleader? How about lick a cockroach? You won’t believe what some folks will do. We hit the streets of Dallas to ask people what lengths they would go to for $250, to promote the DISH Challenge, and it resulted in some pretty hilarious and ridiculous stunts, all captured on camera.

The DISH Challenge, which runs through April 8, guarantees that DirecTV customers who switch to DISH will save at least $250 in their first year, or we will give them $250.

And who wouldn’t love to save a little extra cash? A new study by the American Psychological Association reports that the number one cause of stress for Americans is money. In fact, 64% of Americans say that money is a very significant source of their daily stress. So spread the word, and help the DirecTV customer in your life reduce their stress by switching to DISH and saving $250! And if you already have DISH (lucky you!), share the videos (like the one below!) with someone who could use a laugh today.


To view the full series of videos and learn more about the DISH Challenge, visit our website or DISH’s YouTube channel.

How to take the DISH Challenge

DirecTV customers interested in taking advantage of this limited-time offer will need to complete the following steps:

  • Customers should visit to see a price comparison. To see if they qualify for the promotion, customers can chat live with a representative from the DISH Challenge website, or call DISH at 1-800-CALL-DISH (1-800-2255-3474) and ask to take the Challenge.
  • If the customer qualifies, a DISH customer service representative will work with the customer to determine the best package for their home and interests.
  • The customer will then need to set up an appointment for installation.
  • If DISH is not able to save the new customer $250 in their first year, the customer will need to submit their last DirecTV bill for online verification.

DISH Challenge—the “fine print”

  • Promotional prices will require a 24-month commitment with AutoPay and Paperless Billing, as well as a credit qualification. The offer will not be available in Puerto Rico or USVI.
  • To participate in the Challenge, new customers must chat live with a representative from the DISH Challenge website or call DISH at 1-800-CALL-DISH (1-800-2255-3474) and ask to take the DISH “Challenge.”
  • If the customer’s first year savings are determined to be less than $250 after switching to DISH, the customer will be eligible for a $250 check after new service activation.
  • Savings calculations are based on an annualized comparison of the customer’s last monthly DirecTV bill and their first DISH bill for comparable services and equipment, as determined by DISH.
  • Requires online validation of the new customer’s last monthly DirecTV bill within 60 days of activation. Customers should expect to allow 2-4 weeks after validation for the delivery of the check.

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