Hopper and Bluetooth Headphones Help You Stay Entertained and Productive

We love TV. But we also love multitasking while we watch TV.

Think about it. The average American watches roughly 5 hours of television every single day. And a lot of us simultaneously engage in other activities to stay both entertained and productive. From clipping coupons to ironing, Lifehack.org has a great list of “25 Productive Things You Can Do While Watching TV.”

Of course, when we multitask, we start to rely more on the audio versus visual. With our eyes shifting between the TV screen and the task at hand, we follow the storyline with our ears.

The obvious problem, then, is it’s easy to miss important excerpts of TV dialogue. How can you hear the six o’clock newscast over the sound of your vacuum? Ever missed a comedy show’s punch line because your oven timer started beeping? Or what about that game-changing play you missed because you were heating up the bean dip? Rewinding just isn’t the same.

If multitasking creates an audio predicament in your life, we have a smart solution.



DISH’s Hopper DVR offers a Bluetooth® audio streaming feature that gives you the ability to listen to TV via Bluetooth headphones. This makes it easier to stay engaged with what’s happening on TV while cleaning, cooking, exercising and more.

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