DISH reduces energy emissions in set-top boxes

At DISH, we recognize the limited supply of energy that the earth provides. That’s why we strive to conserve and improve the usage of energy resources.

As part of a voluntary agreement for ongoing improvement to energy efficiency, TV set-top boxes, like the Hopper DVR, reported 14 percent less energy spent this past year. This saved pay-TV consumers $168 million in energy bills alone. Reducing pollution, saving customers money and improving TV viewing efficiency—that’s a win-win-win for all of us!

Hopper eliminates the need for a DVR to accompany each TV in the household, which lowers energy use drastically (check out our Joey clients here.)

DISH is committed to reducing energy use and our carbon footprint, all while continuing to provide innovative products and services to our customers. We pledge to meet more efficient, energy-reducing levels for our set-top boxes in the coming years.

To learn more about energy milestones and conservation efforts through our set-top boxes, click here.