College Football Rankings Delivered Directly to Your TV

Ah, the weekend. The long work week has finally come to end and you don’t have to think about early morning alarm clocks, hectic carpool schedules or long commutes until Monday.

But weekends in the fall – Saturdays in particular – are anything but calm for the dedicated, passionate and diehard college football fans. Every Saturday your alma mater takes the field. Getting that victory is important. But even more significant than winning is moving up in rankings and eventually making it to the championship game. So, while Saturday is filled with tailgates and watch parties full of bantering and trash talking fans, the real scale of greatness is delivered every Monday morning when the NCAA Top 25 AP and USA Today Coaches Polls are released. At the end of the season, nothing else matters but those rankings.

And that’s where DISH comes in. The newly released College Football Rankings and Standings application is now available to all college football fans with the Hopper.

Rankings and updates delivered directly to your TV

Throughout college football season, you can open this full-screen application while watching any live, DVR or Video On Demand (VOD) content to check out the latest rankings from NCAA Top 25 AP and USA Today Coaches Polls. In the app, you can view your favorite team’s record, how many votes it received and how many places the team has moved since last week’s rankings. It has everything you need to know to gain bragging rights for the next week, all in one place.

And because we know football fans want to access their games as easily and quickly as possible, we even integrated Game Finder logic into this application. This means you can select any team in the rankings to see the next matchup and what channel the game will be played. From there, you can tune in live or schedule a recording. There’s no way you’ll miss your favorite team’s game.

It’s apps like College Football Rankings and Standings that make DISH the best place for college sports, period. At DISH, we give fans what they want: access to rankings and stats, without ever leaving the game.

Check in every Monday during the NCAA season to see the latest poll results. Who knows, maybe your team will be selected as one of the final four teams to compete in the first ever NCAA football playoffs!

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