The DISH Holiday App Brings the North Pole to Your Ho-Ho-Home

The DISH Holiday App Brings the North Pole to Your Ho-Ho-Home

When we made the DISH Holiday App (available on Channel 306), we aimed to create the most comprehensive hub of Christmas and holiday content available. Even if it meant traveling far from ho-ho-home.

In our quest for authenticity, DISH employees ventured to the North Pole to assemble the perfect holiday app for everyone. Whether you want to unwind to a classic Christmas movie, get lost in a Christmas-themed DISH scape, or need the perfect soundtrack to your holiday party, the DISH Holiday app has you covered like the presents under the tree. Here’s everything you can find; remember, just hit Channel 306 to explore everything.

Free Previews

The Merriest Month of DISH starts with a variety of Free Previews throughout the month. From the holiday specials on Food Network to the best premium programming with AMC+ and HBO, DISH has a full spread of free samples coming your way this December. We’ve even got two different yule logs on Channels 303 and 304, if that’s what lights your fire.

DISH Galleries are also in free preview this month, and the Holiday App can whisk you away to over a dozen holiday landscapes. If you’re looking for a break from the holiday weather, the DISH Gallery includes over 100 scenes, from rainforests to outer space to stunning locations across the globe in gorgeous 4K. And all DISH subscribers can get lost in our monthly DISH scapes. This December, we have two new holiday-themed Dish scapes; a tranquil tree farm in “Country Christmas” (Channel 199) and a bonus look into Santa’s Workshop (Channel 305). Did we mention it was filmed on location?

Christmas Music

To many people—including a disproportionately high number of mothers over the age of 65—Christmas music is the best music. To those people (Hi, mom!), the DISH Holiday app is like a never-ending Christmas ball, where over 10 stations will serenade them all month long. From uptempo takes with “Ultra Hip Holidays” to traditional holiday favorites and genres like “Country” and “Classical Christmas,” even the Grinchiest family member will find something they love.

Live and On Demand Holiday Content

Since this is DISH, the Holiday App can also be used to find the best holiday content, both live and on demand. The first row dynamically updates to display all Christmas content that’s airing live, while the other rows will point you to your favorite holiday movies, specials, shows, and more. Whether you’re looking for classics like A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or you want to watch the newest Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movie, the DISH Holiday App has all of the Christmas content you crave all in one place. For even more information on what’s airing every day of the holidays, visit the On Dish page and select which day you want to see.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the DISH Holiday App is to give it a try yourself, so put down your computer or phone and hit Channel 306 on your DISH remote to explore now.