New DISH Anywhere® App Profiles Recommend Entertainment You’ll Love

Tired of getting bogus show recommendations? DISH Anywhere has the perfect cure! Today on your mobile DISH Anywhere app, you can receive personalized recommendations based on your own viewing history with the addition of individual profiles.

The profiles allow each viewer to set up their own username and avatar in the mobile app. This means each viewer will receive personalized programming recommendations based on their specific viewing habits, not the household’s favorites.

To set up individual profiles, log-in to your mobile DISH Anywhere app. Go into your settings and select “Manage Profiles.” You can then choose your own avatar and username, which will appear for your profile. When creating a profile, you may choose between an admin and a viewer. Admins have the ability to view locked content by entering the parental control passcode.

Once you have created different profiles in your DISH Anywhere account, you can select your profile from the top left hand corner of your device.


Through individual profiles, you can also customize separate Watchlists, Favorites, and sports team settings and see your own personal viewing history, and more.


Additionally, you can now pay your DISH bill in-app through the DISH Anywhere settings—it’s easy and convenient!

This new update is available across iOS and Android smart phones and iOS, Android and Kindle Fire tablets.

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