Sunday Night Football: Schedule + How to Watch With DISH

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If the weekly NFL broadcast schedule was a meal, Thursday Night Football would be the salad (no one’s favorite, but necessary and occasionally excellent), NFL RedZone would be side dishes (smaller portions, but guaranteed you’ll find something both surprising and delicious), and Monday Night Football would be desert (no explanation needed). That makes Sunday Night Football the main course, and while it might not always be your favorite part of the meal, it is typically the most interesting, well-prepared recipe.

Food metaphors aside, Sunday Night Football on NBC is immensely popular. In fact, it is the most-popular primetime TV show in America, and has been for an unprecedented 12 years running. That leads us to the big question: How do I watch Sunday Night Football with DISH and what games are scheduled for the 2023 season? Glad you asked. Not a DISH subscriber? Follow this link to find the best offer and subscribe to DISH today!


How to Watch Sunday Night Football With DISH

Sunday Night Football airs Sunday nights at 8:20pm ET on NBC (check your guide for channel number and availability). Typically, the SNF crew will broadcast a handful of Thursday and/ or Saturday games as well, plus the traditional NFL Kickoff game, which features the defending Super Bowl champ playing on Thursday night to open up the season. 

Sunday Night Football is typically preceded by the studio show Football Night in America, which begins at 7:00pm ET. Football Night in America features highlights and analysis of the Sunday afternoon games, plus news and features.


Who are the announcers?

For the second year in a row, the announcers for Sunday Night Football will be Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth, and Melissa Stark. Recently retired Patriots quarterback Devin McCourty will be joining the crew of Football Night in America, where he’ll be featured alongside Tony Dungy, Chris Simms, Jason Garrett, insider Mike Florio, and host Maria Taylor.


2023 Sunday Night Football Schedule

*Games played Weeks 5-15 and 17-18 are eligible to be flexed

NFL Kickoff – Thurs., Sept. 7Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 1 – Sept. 10 – Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants 

Week 2 – Sept. 17 – Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Week 3 – Sept. 24  – Pittsburgh Steelers at Las Vegas Raiders

Week 4 – Oct. 1 – Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets

Week 5 – Oct. 8 – Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers

Week 6 – Oct. 15 – New York Giants at Buffalo Bills 

Week 7 – Oct. 22  – Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 8 – Oct. 29 – Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 9 – Nov. 5 – Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals 

Week 10 – Nov. 12 New York Jets at Las Vegas Raiders

Week 11 – Nov. 19 – Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos

Thanksgiving – Thur., Nov. 23San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Week 12 – Nov. 26 – Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 13 – Dec. 3 – Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers

Week 14 – Dec. 10 – Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Week 15 – Dec. 17 – Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 16 – Dec. 23 (Sat.) – Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 16 – Dec. 23 (Sat.) – Buffalo Bills at L.A. Chargers (Peacock Exclusive)

Week 17 – Dec. 31 – Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Week 18 – Jan. 7 – TBA