How to Watch NFL RedZone on DISH

2023 NFL RedZone Key art

Five days and eight hours. If you were to add up the seven hours of commercial-free football you see on NFL RedZone every Sunday during the regular season, you would be watching football for five-straight days, plus a shift at work. 

As enticing as that sounds, our family, friends, and colleagues might argue it’s a good thing that we only get NFL RedZone (channel 155) once a week. With DISH, you can rest easy as you spend those seven sacred hours watching every touchdown from every game in the Sunday afternoon NFL broadcast windows. That’s because, thanks to DISH’s Multi-Sport offer, you can get NFL RedZone included at no extra cost.

That’s right: If you sign up for the America’s Top 120+ package or higher, you’ll get the Multi-Sport pack on us. That lets you watch not only NFL RedZone, but other specialty sports channels like SEC Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, Big Ten Network, and more. Follow this link to find the best offer and subscribe to DISH today! 

What is NFL RedZone?

If you’ve somehow never seen NFL RedZone, it’s a studio show hosted by the estimable (and excitable) Scott Hanson that jumps around from game-to-game based on how close the teams are to the titular scoring area (in football parlance, the “red zone” is defined as a ball spotted inside the opponent’s 20-yard line). If two teams are in the red zone, the broadcast will switch to split screens; if more than two teams are in the scoring area, look out, because Scott Hanson is about to get very enthusiastic. And if a team breaks off a long run or returns an interception for a touchdown, NFL RedZone will wait for a pause in the action to show the play, making good on their promise of “Every touchdown from every game.” 

From 1:00 PM ET until 8:00 PM ET every Sunday, NFL RedZone gives you football, more football, and nothing but football, beginning in the warm days of Week 1 in September all the way through the frigid January afternoons of Week 18. If you’re even a casual fan of pro football, NFL RedZone is a must-have channel. Just be sure to get your chores done beforehand.

To sign up for DISH, follow this link to find the package that’s right for you!