How to Meet the Royal Family at Wimbledon

Royal Family at Wimbledon

First things first: To meet the royal family at Wimbledon, you need to go to Wimbledon. And to go to Wimbledon, you need to make your way to England. So, make your travel plans. Next up: The Royals (usually William and Kate, as the Queen is sort of “meh” about tennis) sit in the Royal Box, unless they are trying to spice things up by sitting in regular seats, as they did during the London Olympics in 2012. Let’s assume they’re sitting in the Royal Box. 

There are a lot of rules at this place, seeing as it’s a famous event with a lot of famous people. Here’s what you need to keep in mind: 

Don’t try to get onto the courts

While this would certainly garner you plenty of attention, they’re all guarded by the British army. The actual army. Needless to say, it is not a good idea to get into a tiff with these folks.

Do not start breakdancing, singing or rapping in the stands 

This will probably distract the tennis players, and let’s be real here: That’s who the royals came to see. Do you think they’d appreciate such a show of tomfoolery? We think not.

Don’t try to join the All England Club

These guys run the whole show, but they’re overseen by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Kent. To join, you’d have to have letters of recommendation from four current members who have all known you for at least three years. This is far too complicated.

Become a strawberry delivery driver

Strawberries and cream are the most popular snack of Wimbledon, and they are delivered fresh to the tournament every day. Consider getting a job as a strawberry deliverer and make your way into Wimbledon. Hope the royal family is so impressed with your strawberry transportation abilities that they actually want to meet you in person. 

Buy tickets

You could just buy tickets and hope you run into the royal family while everyone is milling about. But if you really do meet the royal family, please don’t embarrass yourself