Retired NBA Players: Where Are They Now?

Basketball on court

Watching your favorite professional basketball player fly across the court is hard to beat. It can be hard to believe that these athletes will one day leave the game behind and transition into retirement. Many of them, though, do equally incredible things off the court. Take a look at where some of your favorite retired NBA players are now.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson spent the majority of his 13 NBA seasons with the Phoenix Suns. Arizona isn’t the only place that Johnson has become a figurehead, though. He was elected mayor of Sacramento, California, in 2007 by a convincing margin. He made a strong impact in the city by furthering public service, education and human rights initiatives that are still being carried out today. He also founded a charter school for underprivileged children.

T.J. Ford

Many people might look at T.J. Ford’s career as a sad story, as he was forced into retirement early because of a spinal injury sustained from basketball. He has achieved the best of the situation and now makes a positive impact running basketball camps for high schoolers in Texas.

Dikembe Mutombo

There has never been as fierce of a shot blocker as Dikembe Mutombo, who came to be known as “Mount Mutombo” for his emphatic rejections. Since leaving the NBA, he has gone on to become a poster child for humanitarian work, particularly in Africa fighting polio. He also holds honorary degrees from at least three institutions: SUNY Cortland, Georgetown and Haverford.

Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway became an institution in Orlando, Florida, during his time with the Magic. He was known for his incredible ability to shoot off of the dribble and work through tight spaces to take apart a defense. He played a remarkable 14 NBA seasons, ending his career in 2007. Currently, he coaches a middle school basketball team in Memphis, Tennessee.

David Robinson

A legendary member of the 1990s San Antonio Spurs, David Robinson earned the on-court nickname “The Admiral” because he served in the Navy before joining the NBA. After his playing career ended in 2003, Robinson founded the Admiral Capital Group, a business that invests in restaurants and hospitality organizations. He oversees nearly 10 hotels and restaurants.