Food Network’s “Ciao House” Features the Best in Food

'Ciao House' Cast gathering around a large table of food.

There seems to be a bottomless market for food shows. Why? Because whether or not you like to cook, chances are: you like food.

Food Network continues to capitalize on viewers’ insatiable appetite with their newest show Ciao House. A food competition set in the rugged beauty of Italy: what more can we ask for? Throw in a fabulously clever series name and we’re already hooked.

The series features ten up-and-coming chefs as they compete against each other while living together in a Tuscan villa (“I don’t always compete in high-stakes cooking shows, but when I do… it’s in a jaw-dropping Italian villa”).

Hosted by network all-star Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Tuscan-born Chef Gabriele Bertaccini, Italian fare takes front-and-center as the chefs show their chops from homemade pasta to tomatoes to wine & cheese pairings.

Unlike most food competitions, however, Ciao House has a bit of a twist: rather than a panel of judges, the chefs must vote each other off. This Survivor stripe gives the show a different dimension as alliances, personalities, and loyalties come into play. And with Italian butchering as a key skill in the series, cooking has never been more cut throat.

In the end, only the last chef standing can boast the grand prize: an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with renowned Italian master chefs. Eat your heart out.

Ciao House premieres this Sunday at 9p ET/PT on Food Network and discovery+.

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