‘Elvis’: Rent the Most Fantastical Film of the Summer

'Elvis' movie keyart with star Austin Butler holding a guitar

Elvis is now available to rent on DISH


‘Elvis’, though a biopic, is one of the most fantastical films of the year. Here are 3 reasons why you should rent it now on DISH. 

Elvis Aaron Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, a controversial figure yet forever an icon. The King, as they called him, lived a gaudy, glamorous life filled with drama that captivated America. Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann took up the hefty task of depicting the superstar’s life on film, and his bizarre and instantly recognizable directing style is exactly what was needed to depict The King’s absurd life. From dizzying shots to an Oscar-worthy performance by Austin Butler, Elvis is a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of fame and fortune. 



Mark Anthony “Baz” Luhrmann made his directorial debut in 1992 with Strictly Ballroom, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival to a fifteen-minute standing ovation. His style is the complete opposite of naturalistic: The exaggerated use of lighting, color, zip shots, close ups and fast-paced editing creates an experience that is both dazzling and dizzying. This unique approach is the perfect match to do the one and only Elvis Presley justice on the big screen. The highly stylized film emphasizes how fast-paced and rambunctious the life of ‘The King’ was due to the demands of his manager Col. Tom Parker (played by Tom Hanks) and the fans, who demanded the most from the performer. The flashy film was a daring choice for a bold persona. More dramatization than documentation, the movie runs like a fairytale…but one without a happy ending. 



Elvis tried on an array of personas throughout his life. First as a rockstar, then a military man, followed by a movie star. These major tonal shifts are no match for the talented Austin Butler, who rocks every second of Elvis. While the movie is fantastical, Butler’s portrayal is the most truthful aspect of the film. Signature dance moves and the deep South accent add credibility to his character, making him a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination. It may even come as a surprise that Butler sings throughout the movie, with help only during Elvis’ time in Vegas. From start to finish, the audience can rely on the actor to ground them through the fever dream. If Butler’s career is anything like his portrayal of young Elvis, then the superstar is just getting started. 



While the highlights of the film are the director and its main actor, there’s more to the story to uncover, including the portrayal of the Civil Rights Movement, Elvis’ relationship with Precilla, and Col. Parker’s sketchy manager moves. The film leaves the audience with much to think about, including the bigger question: who killed The King? Was it the fans? Was it Col. Parker or was it Elvis’ own obsession with success? While the film doesn’t answer every question or go in depth on every topic, the fantasy is for the audience to sift through. 

Gain early access to Elvis by renting it for $19.99. 


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