DishLATINO Recognized as Leader in Hispanic TV

DishLATINO joined industry leaders in New York City last week for the 12th annual Hispanic TV Summit and it was a cause for celebration. At the event, Broadcasting & Cable presented DISH with the “Leadership in Hispanic TV Award” for its ongoing commitment to providing services aimed specifically at the Hispanic community. Accepting the award was Alfredo Rodriguez, VP of DishLATINO, who said “For nearly 20 years, we have recognized the unique cultural and content needs of Hispanic viewers.” Rodriguez also announced the launch of DishLATINO’s new ad campaign featuring Eugenio Derbez, a Mexican actor and director who also embodies the DishLATINO brand and experiences of many of DishLATINO’s customers.

DishLATINO customers are at the intersection of two worlds, embracing both their Latin heritage and the American way of life. With more than 50 million consumers in the US alone, and growing by one million each year, the Hispanic population is changing and redefining the way TV is delivered and consumed. Their viewing habits are an integration of the two cultures, encompassing fútbol and football, Spanish and English. During a panel discussion at the summit on Hispanic sports fans, Leonardo Torrés, general manager of DishLATINO brand, discussed how language influences consumer preferences and described how watching a soccer match in Spanish can significantly enhance the viewing experience. For many soccer enthusiasts, “Hearing Andrés Cantor yell GOOOOOL after a winning shot is part of the experience, one that is not easily translated across languages,” he said.

The Hispanic TV Summit explored a broad range of topics, ranging from the increased prevalence of mobile to the evolution of bicultural content. As DishLATINO continues to lead the way in connecting viewers with their culture through TV and advancing the conversation through unique brand partnerships like the new Derbez campaign, one thing’s for sure – the award has celebrated the first 20 years and the path isn’t yet finished.