DISH Reaches a Recycling Milestone with Reworx

In less than two years of partnering with Reworx Recycling, we’ve kept more than 3 million pounds of electronic waste from reaching landfills. With the help of Reworx, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization, our obsolete equipment gets broken down into components that can be refurbished, reproduced and reused. Together, we’re transforming tons of outdated technology into new products on the shelf.

Because Reworx employs individuals with disabilities, the partnership also helps transform lives. Every piece of E-waste DISH donates to Reworx provides opportunities for disabled individuals to participate in the workforce and develop their skills. DISH has directly helped provide jobs to at least ten full-time employees at Reworx, each facing unique barriers to employment.

As we surpass 3 million pounds of recycled materials, we celebrate the environmental, social and economic benefits that our partnership with Reworx has created. To see more about our partnership, check out this short video.