Summertime Movies To Go

Summertime Movies on DISH

Entertainment is easy

The glory of summer is upon us. It is time to throw off the shackles of coats and jackets, school and work. Trade in thinking for surfboards and sand castles. Take a trip and roll down the windows while you drive.

One of the best things about summer travel is the opportunity to do, basically, nothing. But what do you do while you’re doing nothing? What do you do on your way to doing nothing?

We have a suggestion: bring entertainment. DISH gives you the most convenient way for you to do this: the HopperGO. It stores 100 hours of recorded programming, and it can broadcast them to your phone, tablet, or computer with its wifi network. It’s like a tiny DVR. See how it works.

We have a list of movies right here that will make it feel like you’re already relaxing in the sun, whether in the mountains, at the beach, or on the road. Set your DVR to record them, push them to your HopperGO, and take off.

To the mountains

Wet Hot American Summer
Starz, 6/21 at 10:55pm

Summer camp is all about escape—escape from school, from the city, and from the judgment of society. Watch the 2001 classic starring Janeane Garafolo and David Hyde Pierce as camp counselors keeping as much peace as possible amid a mildly crazed group of campers. Then watch the similarly delightful 2015 reboot on Netflix.

HDNet Movies, 6/13 at 9:40pm, 6/19 at 8:20am

A wacky comedy about life at summer camp and the hijinks perpetrated therein. It would remind you very much of Wet Hot American Summer, because it’s the kind of movie Wet Hot American Summer was recalling. Huge bonus: see Bill Murray’s first film appearance in a leading role.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Starz Encore, 6/25 at 3:16am

One summer vacation you’re disposing the body of someone you’ve run over on a dark road, and the next summer vacation someone is stalking you about it. Ugh! This 1997 favorite with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe is a guaranteed thrill for a summer night.

To the seashore

Starz Encore, 6/26 at 11:59am

The 1975 film about a great white shark that has made generations of Americans afraid to go in the water.

Blue Crush
FLIX, 6/16 at 8pm

Kate Bosworth as Anne Marie aims to become a pro surfer on the famed and dangerous North Shore of Hawaii.

The Shallows
Starz, 6/16 at 7:30pm

Blake Lively plays Nancy Adams, a surfer who is stranded on an island after *cue Jaws tuba dun-DUN* she’s attacked by a great white shark. A good movie if you’re looking for a surf-themed psychological thriller.

Weekend at Bernie’s
HDNet Movies, 6/15 at 1:10am, 6/26 at 11:05pm

Two guys hang out at their boss’s beach house. The house is nice, but their boss, Bernie, is dead. Like, extremely dead. For various reasons related to evading hitmen, they maintain the illusion that Bernie is, in fact, alive. With enough puppeteering, they can get out of a pretty tense jam. Weekend at Bernie’s is easily in the top five all time corpse comedies.

To the horizon

National Lampoon’s Vacation
Bravo, 6/18 at 1:30am, 6/23 at 9pm

Summer is prime road trip season, and there is no summer road trip movie more renowned than Vacation. Watch the grizzled Clark Griswold pack his family in the car and drive across the country to a theme park called Wally World. This is a movie that is not about the destination, but rather about the disastrous journey.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Starz, 6/13 at 11:02pm

Captain Jack Sparrow is back—from Davy Jones’s locker. In this, the third installment of the swashbuckling blockbuster series, every pirate in the Caribbean seas must come together to face down certain destruction at the hands of the Dutch East India Company.

Mad Max: Fury Road
Syfy, 6/14 at 8pm

It’s a post-apocalyptic road trip! After the collapse of civilization, Max steals a gas truck and flees a crazed and tyrannical warlord called Joe. A chase involving every degraded faction of remaining society ensues.

Wherever you go—or wind up—this summer, bring your favorite entertainment with you. These movies combined are just a fraction of the 100 hours a HopperGO can store. So check your guide and listings for shows and movies you want to take with you. And have a good trip.