Best Halloween Television Shows

When it comes to scary television shows, you definitely have your options. For you weirdos out there who are into blood, murder and mystery, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the television shows you should watch during the month of October (and long after):

Scream Queens

This new Ryan Murphy-created show is a clash between horror and satire. If you have a particular interest in sorority sisters killing and getting killed, then this is perfect for you. In addition, it stars some classic Murphy actresses like the famous Lea Michele and Emma Roberts.

American Horror Story

Why stop the Ryan Murphy train at Scream Queens? This show is in its fifth season, called Hotel, and Lady Gaga will be co-starring in it. But don’t sleep on the other four seasons. There was Murder HouseAsylumCoven and Freak Show. All different, scary and downright weird, these will be sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. Maybe too much. Hint: Try keeping the lights on when you watch these seasons, just to be safe.

The Walking Dead

This gritty, zombie apocalypse-themed show is one of a kind. It is based on a graphic novel and spans five seasons thus far. The new season premiered on Oct.11, 2015, and it’s back with a vengeance. Fair warning: Don’t watch this with a full stomach. The gore sure isn’t lacking. In addition to the thrills, you could even get inspiration for your costume. But be sure to stock up on fake blood.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There once was a time when Sarah Michelle Gellar protected us from scary vampires, demons and other forces of darkness (and often did so in a leather mini skirt). Although this show has been off the air for years, it was and still is a classic when it comes to cool chicks fighting the bad guys.


Remember the Power of Three? Charmed was a witchy WB show that spanned eight seasons. The show told the story of three witch sisters known as the “The Charmed Ones,” aka the Halliwell sisters, and their constant battles with the demons of the underworld. The girls, who all possess their respective supernatural powers, protect innocents from demons, warlocks and anything else wicked out there. In addition to great plots and special effects, this show also has an amazing soundtrack including the theme song, “How Soon is Now?” which was originally by The Smiths but was covered by the band Love Spit Love for the series.