4 House Hunters Terms We Love to Hate

Anyone looking for a new home should turn to HGTV’s House Hunters for some guidelines. It’s the perfect format: You get to see three — just three — potential homes, and you have to choose one from that selection. No seeing more, no waffling, and you have to learn to compromise with your spouse like you’re well-adjusted adults. Here’s the thing, though: When you’re looking for your new home, there are a few overused House Hunters terms you should never, ever say. Here are the four worst offenders:

1. Space


Any room or outside area anywhere.

House Hunters example: “Wow, what a great space!”

Why you shouldn’t use it: “Space” is a placeholder that means nothing but still gets used by every couple on the show. People want a lot of space, or they love a space, or someone thinks a space is a little tight. If you watch enough House Hunters, this word will start to sound like a buzzing in your ears.

2. Open floor plan


When the main rooms of a home are all connected with few walls or other visual obstacles to separate them.

House Hunters example: “I really want an open floor plan.”

Why you shouldn’t use it: Look, open floor plans are great. I get it. But are you really going to give up your dream home because there’s one too many walls between the kitchen and the living room? Let’s not get crazy.

3. Granite countertops


Apparently the only kind of countertop that’s socially acceptable.

House Hunters example: “Hmm … these aren’t granite countertops.”

Why you shouldn’t use it: There are other kinds of countertops, and a lot of them are actually great. There’s stainless steel. There’s marble. There’s solid surface. So, why is granite the only option for everyone? Can we rethink our priorities, please?

4. Entertain


What couples who have tons and tons of friends do all the time at their houses.

House Hunters example: “We have a lot of friends, so we need somewhere we can entertain.”

Why you shouldn’t use it: You know who doesn’t talk all the time about having a lot of friends to entertain? People who have a lot of friends.