Anatomy of the Perfect Game Day Outfit

If you’re an alumnus, looking back on the way you used to dress and behave on game day may be a daunting task. For current students (or alumni with a lot of heart left in them), though, the perfect game day outfit can be the deciding factor in making it past the tailgate.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to put together the quintessential game day ensemble, you may want to take a look at this list of tips and tricks of the trade. Who knows? It might just change the way you view college football fashion forever.

The beer koozie hat
If you’ve ever seen someone walking around with two beers strapped to a helmet and crazy straws in his mouth, you’ve probably thought it was a ridiculous idea. Sure, it might not be the most fashion-forward craze out there, but the beer koozie hat is perfect for game day. In addition to keeping your hands free for stuffing your face, throwing spirals to your friends or cheering emphatically, it also keeps your beer available all tailgate long. Plus, it limits you to two beers — at a time, anyway.

The fanny pack
People have strong feelings about fanny packs. Still, the utility you get out of this accessory completely outweighs its fashion detriment. Think of it as having an extra large zippered pocket, even if you’re wearing yoga pants. Fill your fanny pack with game day essentials such as a bottle opener, napkins, a credit card and barbecue sauce. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

The throwback jersey
Obviously you’re going to want to be wearing as much of your school colors as possible to rep your team on game day. But it’s important to recognize that you aren’t exactly limited to the standard hoodie and baseball cap combo. The throwback jersey takes your school spirit one step further by distinguishing you as someone whose fandom transcends generations. Besides, you don’t want to be one of thousands of kids wearing the jersey of your star running back of the moment, right? Although a standard throwback will do, finding something authentic at a thrift store or in your parents’ attic is always the coolest option.