5 Epic Performances Perfect for the ACMs

Every year, the Academy of Country Music Awards offers up some of the best performances you’ll see all year long. For example, the 2014 ACMs featured the legendary George Strait and Eric Church on stage together, and it brought the house down. If you had it your way, which two singers would you love to see perform together at this year’s ACMs?

Here are five performances we’d love to see happen!

AC/DC and Eric Church

AC/DC can still bring the heat, as we all saw at this year’s Grammy Awards. So can Eric Church. The two of them together would certainly make your brain melt if they ever graced the stage at the same time. “Highway to Hell on the Heart,” anyone?

Sam Smith and Carrie Underwood

Imagine a pair of unicorns galloping down a rainbow spewing a heavenly melody from their mouths. That’s what we believe people would see if Sam Smith and Carrie Underwood did a duet. These two have some of the best voices in the business. We’re pretty sure that if they touched the stage, magic would happen.

Taylor Swift and Pharrell

These two artists have so much popularity across multiple genres that the world may not even be able to handle their performance together. It would definitely be one of the more happy moments of the year!

Garth Brooks and Elton John

One country legend. One pop legend. The two taking the stage together is something everyone wants to see. With Garth Brooks still in the midst of his comeback, a performance of this stature would skyrocket his rep to ’90s status. Whoa, that felt weird to say.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

Wait, perform? They should actually just host the ACMs. As if these two don’t have enough chemistry on The Voice, their vocal talents are incredible. Imagine Laurel and Hardy — but singing on stage. Yup, that’s these two.