5 Celebs We’d Love to see Host the Oscars

Hollywood is buzzing as the 2015 Academy Awards have been awarded to the best in film. Everyone is talking about their favorite movies getting snubbed or the eight incredible films in the Best Picture category. But what really makes the Oscars so great? A fantastic host. This year, Neil Patrick Harris hosted the event for the first time. He had big shoes to fill as Ellen DeGeneres, last year’s host, posted an Oscar selfie during the show which became the most shared tweet of all-time.

Harris did just great this year, but who would you love to see host the Oscars next year? We have a few names below that would make great hosts.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

Let’s be honest, these two are among the best comedy duos of all time. After hosting the Golden Globes the past couple years, we’d love to see them bring their talents to the Oscars stage. From a game of “Who Would You Rather” to a re-enactment of 50 Shades of Grey, we’re certain they wouldn’t hold back in their effort to make us smile… or at least make us squirm awkwardly in our seats.

Jimmy Fallon

The wonder boy of late night television would make the perfect Oscars host. Not only could he impersonate nearly every actor/actress in the audience, but he can sing and dance with the best of them. Oh, there’s that whole thing about him being the Tonight Show host too. Just saying….

Ron Swanson

Yes, Ron Swanson. Not Nick Offerman. Who wouldn’t love to see a mustache with legs host a major award show? No one, that’s who. With all of the snubs talked about recently, Ron wouldn’t shy away from knocking each winner down a peg.

Jerry Seinfeld

What’s the deal with award shows anyway? Seinfeld was born for the big stage. His ability to think quickly on his feet makes him one of the best options as an Oscar’s host. He’s more than just another comedian getting coffee.

Jimmy Kimmel

He’s friends with Matt Damon. ‘Nuff said. Ok, maybe not. But it would be great to see him read a few dozen mean tweets about the nominees. Or do a few “ziggy zaggies” with his old pal Adam Carolla.