10 Best Get-Out-of-Work Excuses for March Madness

Businessman Makes Heroic Dash from Office


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March Madness makes even the most dedicated worker want to play hooky. How are you supposed to concentrate when you’re sneaking looks at game updates? Your boss has heard the stomach flu excuse and claiming a personal day is just as obvious. So how can you get out of work when the big tournament starts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Your kid is sick

Your boss may not buy that you’re sick on game day, but he won’t ask you twice about your kids. Our only piece of advice? The more specific your story, the better. Playground poison ivy is much more believable than a tummy ache.

2. Plan your meeting at a sports bar

Your co-workers want to watch the game, too, right? You might as well plan the afternoon’s meeting somewhere you can multitask. We can’t promise you’ll get much done, but we can promise you won’t care.

3. Fake a home emergency

Your toilet is spewing water? The refrigerator broke down? It sounds like you need to head home ASAP. After all, someone has to let the maintenance guy in (and save all that food).

4. You missed the carpool

Sure, this happens. Not often, but it happens enough not to be disputed by your boss. Coax a friend to send you a “Sorry” text to show your boss that you aren’t joking.

5. You need to take Fido to the vet

Dogs have important appointments they can’t miss, just like people. Tell the boss he’s getting neutered or needs to get new shots.

6. Your best friend is proposing to his girlfriend

Proposals are big productions, and the groom often enlists friends like you to help. You can claim you’re capturing the event on tape or helping hide the ring. And when your co-workers ask how it went the next day, just tell them she said no. It’s not the most heartwarming proposal story, but it will get you off the hook.

7. You’re related to one of the players

The point guard on your favorite team is your second cousin twice removed. What kind of guy doesn’t support a family member in the biggest game of his career?

8. The car broke down

Unless you live near public transportation, you need a car to get to work. You’ll need to get it towed to the local mechanic — and it will take all day.

9. Can’t find your keys

This happens to everyone! You accidentally threw your keys in the garbage, you flushed them down the toilet or your kids hid them in the most impossible hiding spot in the house. Whatever you use, rest assured it’ll get you out of work for at least one day.

10. Suggest you postpone work

In some instances, it pays to be bold. Why not ask if the team can take a much-needed break to watch the games together? It’s a great opportunity for employee bonding, and your boss is human, too.

So get your game face ready, folks. It looks like you’re not going into work.

In the case that none of these tips work and you’re heading into the office no matter what, see how you can watch games at work.

Helpful tip: Don’t post anything to your social media pages about anything March Madness. You never know who is watching.

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