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Save More When You Order DISH and Rural Internet

When you choose TV from DISH and internet through one of our partners, you can get the services your family wants at a great price.

Finding the Right Rural Internet Service

Rural internet options can be limited depending on your area and your needs. When selecting a rural internet plan, it’s important to know the upload and download speeds you want, and what your budget is.

How to Order Rural Internet and DISH

Getting rural internet with your DISH TV order is simple and can save you a lot of time. Call one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service reps and ask about your rural internet options. You can count on us to help you find the best option for your location.

Internet Options Most Commonly
Available in Rural Areas


A DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, connection uses existing phone lies to deliver high speed internet to your home.

  • Allows you to use the internet without tying up your phone line
  • DSL is always on--no need to reconnect every time
  • Available almost anywhere with existing phone lines
Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is delivered to your home via a satellite signal, received at your home by a dish mounted on or near your home.

  • Doesn’t require cable or phone lines to operate
  • Won’t tie up your phone line
  • One of the best options for rural areas

The Internet Speeds Needed for Popular Online Activities

It can be hard to know what kind of internet speeds to get. And no one wants to pay for more than they need. Check out our chart to find the right speeds for your favorite online interests.

Email0.5 Mbps
Job searching, navigating government websites0.5 Mbps
Interactive pages and short educational videos1 Mbps
Streaming radioLess than 0.5 Mbps
Phone callsLess than 0.5 Mbps
Standard streaming videos0.7 Mbps
Streaming feature movies1.5 Mbps
HD-quality streaming move or university lecture4 Mbps
Basic video conferencing1 Mbps
HD video conference and telemarketing4 Mbps
Game console connecting to the Internet1 Mbps
Two-way online gaming HD4 Mbps