5G for America.

5G for America.

Discover a new breed of 5G network.

America’s first cloud-native 5G network means more than faster cellphone speeds. It will completely transform the way we live, work and play, with unlimited possibilities for all.

We’ll draw on our 40 years of disruption to democratize wireless and create an open platform that allows us, as a nation, to do what we’ve always done best: create, collaborate and build.

Join us as we build the 5G network of the future.



Built on American innovation.


As a core member of the O-RAN Alliance, we’ll drive innovation through open interfaces and embedded intelligence at every level of the network.

Software-Based & Programmable

A more flexible, digital, agile network decoupled from massive rooms of expensive, stationary hardware to better serve the capacity and location needs of users.

Network Slicing

Virtual end-to-end networks for unique use cases with customizable security and quality of service.


Software-based network management for provisioning and configuration, enabling increased speed to market with services and features.

Versatile Spectrum

One of the first networks to utilize a blend of low-, mid- and high-band spectrum with native carrier aggregation.


Through automation and AI in a greenfield design, the network can be managed to meet the growing needs for capacity, security, mobility and IoT.

Open Source
& Open Interface

Disaggregation of software and hardware allows for new network architecture that increases flexibility, reduces costs and speeds deployment.


Digital centralized control of the network optimizes performance, improves security and minimizes costs.

We’re reimagining connectivity through new platforms, new business models and new ways of thinking to meet the convergence of wireless, data analytics, AI and the cloud.

Meet the team.

See how we’re building

connectivity with a purpose.

Dav Mayo

Dave Mayo

Dave serves as EVP for network development and is responsible for our wireless buildout strategy and deployment of the nation’s first cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network.

Disruption is in our DNA.

We’ve done it before.

We’ll do it again.

At DISH, we’ve always put consumers first, continually reinventing our industry and ourselves to deliver groundbreaking new experiences for all.


Bringing TV to rural America.

DISH delivers C-Band satellite dishes to small towns across the country.


We launch our first satellite.

Echo I brings all-digital satellite TV to America.


The DISH Wireless vision begins.

We purchase our first wireless spectrum license.


SLING TV goes live.

America’s first and largest live TV streaming service is launched.


Breaking ground on Tower 1.

We begin the physical buildout of our nationwide wireless network.


5G for America.

DISH Wireless announces plans to build the first standalone 5G network of its kind in the U.S.


Boost Mobile joins the family.

We officially enter the consumer wireless industry with the acquisition of Boost Mobile.

5G will kick-start a new era in American innovation with the same transformative impact as electricity, steam and the semiconductor.

Connectivity reimagined.

Together, we’ll reimagine the future.

Whether you’re an industry vet, new to the market, or simply curious, we have opportunities to collaborate at every level.

Smart Cities

Renewable Energy

Health Care


Precision Agriculture

Smart Manufacturing

Autonomous Vehicles