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A Whole Home DVR System

The Hopper is great for your main entertainment room. But you can add Joey receivers to any other room, depending on your needs.

Enjoy a full house of TV under one roof

Whether you want TV in your bedroom, your playroom or even your basement, there's a Joey that's perfect for you.

Watch TV in
another room

The Joey is your best bet to extend TV to another room if you have a wired connection to the Hopper.

View TV in
hard-to-reach places

If wiring is not easy or convenient — like a patio — you'll want to use a Wireless Joey.

More tuners.
More recording.

The Super Joey gives you two additional tuners, to watch and record more shows at the same time.

Spread 4K
all over

Coming soon. Extend your ability to watch cutting-edge 4K video to any room with the 4k Joey.

The Hopper is at the center of your
entertainment universe

Joeys do many wonderful things, for sure. But everything starts with the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR. It’s the main building block to putting different TVs in different rooms, all around your home.

Hopper 3 Whole Home DVR

Start Your TV Experience.