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Introducing the Voice Remote

using Otto Technology

Meet the new Voice Remote. It's the latest Otto technology from DISH that's aimed at improving how you enjoy your favorite programming.

Just Say What You Want

Surf the channels or search for your favorite programming all by simply speaking to the new Voice Remote. This remote features advanced voice recognition technology to complete your commands. Simply press and hold the button to enable voice recognition and speak the commands for an easier TV experience.


When you want to take matters into your own hands, the Voice Remote delivers. At the center of the remote is a clickable touchpad that allows for smooth navigation. This touchpad responds to swipe and scroll gestures for more intuitive commands. The rest of the remote features large, easy-to-see buttons that improve ease of use. Its simplified design sports chrome highlights and red striping while offering a total of 19 buttons on the top and 7 on the sides.

Light When You Need It

With such a simple layout, you might be wondering how the new DISH remote can execute more difficult commands. Whenever you need it, the dynamic touchpad of the Voice Remote can illuminate a numeric keypad at the click of a button. By selecting the 123 button, the numeric keypad will illuminate allowing you to select a specific channel.

Need to see your buttons in a dark room? With a click of a button illuminate the backlit buttons making it easy to see your remote and perform a task even in the middle of a dark lit room.

Never Lose Your Remote Again

How often do you find yourself looking for a lost or misplaced remote control? With the Voice Remote from DISH, you can spend less time searching. The new remote features a "locate remote" function that, when activated, causes the remote control to emit audible noises and flashing lights. Get to all your favorite programming more quickly by no longer wasting time on the search for your remote.

"Alexa, go to HBO."

"Alexa, show me live sports."

"Alexa, play The Voice."

"Alexa, find Tom Hanks movies."

We worked with Amazon because you wanted more connected technology in your home. The Hopper 3 and Alexa will finally let you and your technology speak the same language. Just pair your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with your Hopper 3 and say: Alexa find comedies on tonight." Now that's entertainment tuned in to you.

Voice control integration coming in Spring 2017.
Must have Hopper with updated user interface.

Ask your technician how to get Voice Remote Services featuring OttoTechnology at time of install.
Internet connection, active subscription and purchase of Voice Remote are required to use voice feature.

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