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America’s Top 120

America’s Top 120 has your entertainment needs covered. It’s a great mix! With over 190 channels, you can watch a variety of cannels across different categories, including some of your top favorites - USA, CMT, Disney, ESPN, E! and more. Also, 40+ Premium Channels are now included for 3 months and you get a DVR and FREE Voice Remote included.

All the cable channels you could want

If it’s cable TV, it’s on DISH. Each of our packages has a mix of popular cable channels designed to mesh perfectly with your TV needs. America’s Top 120 plus offers all of your favorite channels along with Regional Sports Networks, SEC, NFL Network, Big Ten Network and more. America’s Top 200 goes even bigger on sports, outdoors, and culture. And America’s Top 250 features just about every cable TV channel there is.

Netflix and YouTube integrated with Hopper 3

We know there is more to TV entertainment than cable channels. That’s why with the Hopper 3, you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix and any video you can find on YouTube.

Additional Offers: All package prices guaranteed for 2 years

America's Top 120
190 Channels

Includes DVR + Free Voice Remote

America's Top 120+
190+ Channels

Includes DVR + Free Voice Remote

America's Top 200
240+ Channels

Includes DVR + Free Voice Remote

America's Top 250
290+ Channels

Includes DVR + Free Voice Remote