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Pay-Per-View Movies on Demand

If you demand movies, then get movies On Demand with DISH. With DISH pay-per-view movies, you have the best in DISH Cinema at your fingertips. Select from a huge, constantly updated library of titles and that includes the latest Hollywood blockbusters—before they hit DVD or Redbox. Your rental lasts twenty-four hours, so you can watch pay-per-view movies at your leisure.

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Want to watch your pay per view movie all day? DISH Cinema gives you the option with the All Day Ticket. PPV Movies on the All Day Ticket air on multiple channels, with show-times spread out throughout the day. From comedy and action, to dramas and the latest in kid’s entertainment, the All Day Ticket with DISH lets you watch your selection on any designated channel as many times as you want within 24 hours. It’s your ticket to 24 hours of enjoying the movies you love!