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Pay-Per-View Movie on TV with DISH

Pay-Per-View (PPV) on DISH

We make it easy to watch the latest blockbuster movies, simply pick the programming you want to watch and order it with the touch of a button. We know you don’t want to put in extra work figuring out what you want to watch and what’s available. So we have all the newest and most popular titles laid out, ready to watch with only a few clicks. Plus, many of our titles are available much sooner than DVD, Redbox, Netflix or other providers, with some even available the same day as theatres.

DISH On Demand PPV bowl of popcorn

Get an All Day DISH Ticket

Our All Day DISH Ticket allows you access to your purchased pay-per-view programs for an entire day on any channel that the program or movie is playing. Movies and events on All Day DISH Ticket channels are available for up to 24 hours, so you can watch any program you order as many times as you want to through that period.

Pay-Per-View Live Sports on DISH

Live sporting events

When there is a major boxing, MMA, wrestling, or UFC event on Pay Per View, you can be assured DISH will carry it. Don’t miss a duck, a dodge, or a hit. To order live pay-per-view sports, take a look at the “How Pay-Per-View works” section at the bottom of this page.

Pay-Per-View Adult Content on DISH

Adult PPV

There are three different ways to watch adult programming on DISH. For adult Pay-Per-View, instantly access the hottest variety of adult programming from Midnight Lounge, including Hustler HD's movies, Reality King TV's reality series and more. If variety is what you need, Adult Showcase provides you access to a 3-hour block of 8 sizzling channels at once, including HD and XXX content. You can also watch special nude events from a constantly refreshing list on channels 481-484 in your Pay-Per-View menu.

DISH PPV On Demand Hopper remote side profile

How Pay-Per-View works

DISH Network Pay-Per-View can be ordered one of three easy ways. By remote on channels 454-530, online or by phone at 1-877-DISH PPV (347-4778.) Choose from the best options in PPV including movies, sports and events.

All offers require 24-month commitment, credit qualification and qualified programming. Early Termination Fee applies. Monthly fees apply: Hopper, $10; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10. Premium channel subject to change based on premium channel availability. Additional Important Terms