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Z Living

Z Living offers health-conscious TV programming for the yogis, healthy eaters, meditators and everyone in between. This is a channel that approaches health with a twist — and we're not talking about the kind you do in Pilates.

Holistic programming

TV programming focused on health and wellness should be more than informative. Tune in to wellness programming that's delivered in a relatable and fun light with Z Living. This TV channel features a variety of topics from yoga and feng shui to travel and organic eating — you won't find a better lineup of original wellness programming. Z Living's website even has a virtual health desk that details common questions about homeopathic remedies, health tips and weight loss. Now that's holistic.

Health-centered shows

Z Livings packs 5,000 years of health and wellness wisdom into programming that everyone can enjoy. Watch shows such as Good Food America with Danny Boome, which explores the most delicious and nutritious food in America. Check out Yogapalooza, which uses bright colors and fun songs to teach yoga to little tykes. Natural Companions takes a look at holistic pet care, while BollyBlast leads fun Bollywood-themed dance workouts. With more than 50 original TV series on Z living, there's something for everyone.

Watch Z Living today

Z Living is available in the America's Top 250 package, which features more channels than any of our other packages. Give us a call to see what promotions we're running today. You'll reach nirvana in no time. For other specific types of programming and different ways to enjoy music, take a look at the different lifestyle-specific TV options on DISH.