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High Speed, High Impact

If it’s fast-going, hard-hitting, or even just hard to find, you’ll find it on FOX Sports 2. Part travel channel, part sports channel, FOX Sports 2 scours the world for anything that sounds like competition. You’ll find international soccer from the Bundesliga to the Australian Football League to UEFA competitions. You’ll find men’s and women’s college basketball, Street League Skateboarding, and Monster Jam. On FOX Sports 2, everything is a competition.


The only way you could get better UFC coverage is if you were a referee. FOX Sports 2 takes you inside the Octagon for live fights and replays, and features lots of behind-the-scenes specials. Yes, you’ll find the biggest, most popular UFC events on FOX Sports 2. The Ultimate Fighter. UFC Main Event. UFC Unleashed. Follow UFC fighters as they live together, train, and finally compete. Listen as fighters reflect on their matches and how they prepared for them. And re-watch every thrust and kick along with extra commentary during encore presentations.

Motorsport central

Fox Sports 2 covers every kind of competition, even when it’s on wheels. Feel your stomach dip and dive as you watch the fastest, most high flying motorcycle racing there is. Catch the action as monster trucks race and freestyle in stadiums across the U.S. and Canada. From the fast to the furious, it’s all on FOX Sports 2.

How to Get FOX Sports 2

Whether it’s college basketball, UFC, motorcycle racing, poker tournaments, or even dog shows that get your blood pumping, you need FOX Sports 2 in your channel lineup. Subscribe to America’s Top 120+, America’s Top 200 or America’s Top 250 DISH packages, or add it as part of the Multi-Sport Pack.

FOX Sports 2 is on DISH Network channel 149.

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