Award Winning Customer Service & Technology

DISH strives to provide a better experience than any cable company near you. We were rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index and we offer a 2-year price guarantee on our packages, meaning we won’t raise the price after 12 months like the cable company. Our award-winning technology provides you with a tv viewing experience that is consistent from room to room and device to device and we never charge for things that should be free – like HD channels.

DISH Packages – the Best Value in TV

Each DISH package gives you access to a special mix of entertainment with unique value. From America’s Top 120+ to the sports-intensive America’s Top 200 to the movie-packed America’s Top 250 package, you’ll find the range of entertainment you want. If you’ve ever thought, “I wish cable companies near me had more sports and movies,” you’re in luck. You can add on sports and movie packs, too.

Your Entertainment on Your Time

We make sure your entertainment needs are met from the moment your equipment is installed and even if you move. Our Standard Installation is free and often available as early as the next day. Our techs will take time to walk you through your equipment and service during the install so you feel comfortable using DISH’s intuitive menus. And, with DISH Anywhere, you can take 100% of your live and recorded TV on the go with you, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows and live sports from anywhere.

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