The following IPTV boxes and services are
NOT authorized
to show the above channels in the U.S.*

Services Offering Brazilian Channels

h.TV, A2, S1 Live, Brazil TV, Nous IPTV, Sun TV, Tigre, IPTV 6

Services Offering Middle-Eastern Channels

Maax, Zaap, Lool, Noor, Cres, ATN, Super Arabic IPTV, Sham, Easybox, ShowHD, Fanous, BTV, iWaz, Bluestream Box, Aria, Waynak, Tarboosh, 7BB, Ulai TV, Madina, Spider, Logi TV, Jaam TV, Shah TV, Royal TV, Super Arab IPTV, ISMART, FreeBox Z12, IPFox, LevanTV, Arris

Services Offering South Asian Channels

Best TV, Crown, Jadoo, Shava, Worldmax, Chitram, Dumax, Bol, King IPTV, Zeenat, iStar, Easybox, Xoom TV, BTV, Sooper TV, Real TV IPTV, Radiant IPTV, Tiger Z400

Services Offering East Asian Channels

TVpad, MoonBox, h.TV, Amtop, Mi Box, AZSkybox, Ulive TV, iHome, Ruach, Hikari TV, Maige TV, Unblock TV, UBox, CN Box, Avov TV, Blue TV, Cool Box, Koocan TV, EVPad, A1 Box

Services Offering European Channels

Ellas TV, Polsky TV, Kartina, Zaap, Maax, My Germany TV, Easybox, Digixstream, IPTV Choice,,,,, Greek Planet, TV Cosmos, Camember TV, King365 TV, FRTV, French TV

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*Programming and channel line-ups may change over time. Some services do not offer or have never offered one or more of the channels listed above.

Only authorized services have the consent of international broadcasters to provide your favorite channels and television shows. Broadcasters enforce their rights and challenge unauthorized IPTV boxes, remove unauthorized channels, and in some cases shut them down completely.