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Paying for channels

you don’t watch?

Finally, a skinny bundle

Flex Pack

It's a skinny bundle with some of our most popular channels. That's it. No fluff. No nonsense. And if there's something you'd like to see more of, you can add Channel Packs. It's simple. The Flex Pack puts control back into your hands. Call DISH today to get the skinny on your perfect TV package.

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Add Channel Packs
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Is your channel lineup bloated? Paying for stuff you don’t watch?
Go for a Skinny Bundle.

What is a Skinny Bundle?

Bundles come in lots of sizes. With the Flex Pack, you start with 50 popular channels you can watch any time. Then you can choose Channel Packs with additional channels. The Flex Pack helps you keep your channel lineup to the essentials. You know—skinny.

Don’t pay for what you don’t watch

It’s as simple as that.

Add Channel Packs any time you want

You’re not locked into the channel lineup you choose the day you sign up. It’s a Flex Pack. It’s flexible. If you want to add Channel Packs down the road, you can do that.

Two year price guarantee

There are no hidden costs and no sudden surges. You pay the price you sign up for, and we guarantee it for two years.