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New Hopper User Experience

Access the DISH Movie Hopper feature to watch X-Men

Coming soon - the latest TV Interface from DISH

We’ve been listening to you! Free to all Hopper customers, the experience is about to be improved. The look has changed, but the way you use the Hopper hasn’t.

DISH Hopper menu

Modern design

Clean, modern design matches your expectations for a premium experience, and it allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

DISH Hopper remote diagram

Quick help any time

Press # at any time to get quick help.

Access DISH Hopper channel guide to watch Avatar

Improved guide

Want larger text? You can have it. The Guide has options for normal and larger text.

Use the DISH Hopper dvr playback to watch Game of Thrones

Binge watching

Have a little extra time? Get caught up on your favorite show quickly.

Use the DISH Hopper trending live feature to watch interstellar


Stop searching and start watching. Easily find movies, sports, and shows that are live, on your DVR, or on demand-all in one place.

Use the DISH Hopper features parental guide to find quality programming like Toy Story

Easy tools for parents

The new Parental Guide ensures everything your kids are watching is age-appropriate. New parental controls are easier to use and can be turned off easily when the kids have gone to bed.

DISH Hopper features search

Improved search

Find most shows and movies by entering just 3 letters. You can search for your favorite teams, sports, and collections such as "Oscar Winners."

Access DISH Video On Demand to watch Avatar

And much more

Dozens of usability improvements make the new Hopper user interface the best one yet.