Super Joey

The battles over what to watch and record can finally come to an end with the Super Joey. Enjoy a more stress-free and easy time at home with more recording capabilities than before.

Additional recording capacity

The worst part of watching TV is bickering over what to watch with your friends or family. Nobody wants to miss their favorite shows and, quite frankly, nobody should have to. That's why we've included two additional network tuners in the Super Joey. Just as with other Joeys, the Super Joey is completely compatible with the Hopper. When it is paired with the three existing tuners already in your Hopper, you'll be able to record up to eight shows simultaneously.

Same great storage

What good would it be to record up to eight channels at once if you didn't have the capacity to hold on to those recordings? This isn't a problem with the Super Joey as it integrates with the Hopper's immense storage capacity, resulting in plenty of space. Store up to 2,000 hours of your entire family's favorite shows on the Hopper and return to them whenever you want. It's just one more way you're in control of your television experience with DISH.

Seamless installation

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to make an upgrade to something you already own. Our new Super Joey syncs with the Hopper in a simple fashion. There's no need to waste time with tricky installations or complicated user manuals.

Take a look at how your entertainment is as simple as it can be with our line of Joeys apart of our multiroom TV system.