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Non-DVR Receivers

If you want great programming and you don't need a DVR for recording, DISH offers non-DVR receivers for every need.

All of Your Satellite Receiver Needs, Covered

DISH provides the most advanced digital satellite receivers in the industry, giving you the most options available anywhere. Whether you:

Have a standard TV or an HD TV

Need support for one TV or multiple TVs

Want to Record shows and Movies? If so, check out our Whole Home DVR solutions, our HD DVRs and our Joey Add on Receivers.

Find the Receiver That's Right for You

DISH's advanced technology brings you non-DVR receivers for any TV setup. Our options range from the Solo 311, designed to support one SD TV, to our Duo VIP 222k, which supports up to two HD TVs, to our premium Wally, which adds advanced features to HD TV support.

Read through our options below and choose the receiver that's right for you!

Wally image


The Wally is our latest high-tech, single tuner, non-DVR Receiver, brining you premium quality in a standard receiver. The Wally gives you:

  • Support for HD TV
  • Dolby Digital audio
  • Over-the-air broadcasting availability
  • Parental controls
  • A remote control locator, so you'll never lose your remote again
  • A new user-friendly interface modeled on mobile phone navigation designs
  • Integrated search capability, so you can find your favorite shows faster and easier than ever
  • Built in Apps like Netflix, Weather Channel, Pandora and more
  • You can also purchase adapters for Bluetooth, WiFi, and additional hard drive storage space

Duo VIP 222k

  • Support for two TVs, including one HD TV
  • Over-the-air broadcasting availability (must purchase an OTA 2 module)
  • On-screen caller ID
  • Picture-in-picture capability, so you can check out another channel without changing stations — great for sports fans during the playoffs!
Duo VIP 222k Image
Solo VIP 211k Image

Solo VIP 211k

  • Support for one HD TV
  • Compatibility with our popular Tailgater automatic portable HD satellite antenna
  • Over-the-air broadcasting availability
  • On-screen caller ID

Duo 322

Duo 322 image
Solo 311 Image

Solo 311

  • Support for one SD TV
  • On-screen caller ID

Looking for more options?

The receivers on this page do not have the ability to record programming.

To add recording capability to your receiver, our HD DVR receivers have what you need - whether you have one TV or several, SD, HD or 4k Ultra HD.

To watch recorded programming on multiple TVs, check out our Whole Home DVR solutions.

Hopper 3 Whole Home DVR

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