Your Options to Stream Live Basketball Games

Where and how will you catch the action on the court? While there are a handful of pirate sites that provide streaming links, these are commonly faulty — not to mention illegal, as they infringe on copyright laws. They are ridden with popups and potentially malicious software. The best sites are secure, certified, legal and reliable.

With reliable service comes, of course, a price tag. There’s the NBA League Pass, which gives users access to all live NBA games on any device. But the price is a little hefty: a one-time $199.99 payment or five installments of $44.99. The NBA also offers the cheaper Team Pass, which gives users access to a single team for a one-time $119.99 or five payments of $26.99.

Where else can you (legally) watch your favorite basketball team? Which services are worth your hard-earned cash? Here are the pros and cons of the three best online NBA sports subscriptions.

DISH Anywhere

If DISH is your TV provider, you can watch live NBA games on your mobile device with DISH Anywhere. So long as you have an Internet connection, you can stream the action on your mobile device anywhere you go. If you’re unable to catch a game, schedule a DVR recording and watch it later on your phone or tablet.

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is a new contender in the Internet TV landscape, and so, it’s somewhat limited. Vue doesn’t require a contract, offers a decent variety of channels and provides a cloud-based DVR — but it also has some key flaws.

This service lacks key channels such as ABC, BBC America and most importantly, ESPN. However TNT and NBC will carry NBA action throughout the year. Another major drawback is that you probably can’t even get it yet. Unless you live in Chicago, New York City or Philadelphia, this service simply isn’t available to you. More cities will doubtlessly get this service soon, but with no mobile platform as of yet, this is just something to keep an eye on.

TNT Overtime

TNT has long been the place to watch the NBA Playoffs, and many regular season games. They went the extra mile when they partnered with Yahoo and released TNT Overtime. For the true NBA fan, TNT Overtime enables you to essentially be your own game producer for the night. This service lets you pick from four camera angles (or all of them at once), which makes the game a more interactive experience.

You still get all the play-by-play and a stat scroll at the bottom of the screen. However, some users have found this service limiting, as even with four camera angles, there seems to be a lack of traditional views, which some viewers don’t like. While Overtime provides a unique experience, there are questions over its format.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a live streaming TV service you can use to watch on your television, mobile device and computer. Starting at $20 a month, it’s an economical alternative for those NBA fans who want a reliable experience. With ESPN, ESPN2, and TNT, you’ll get the biggest games from the beginning of the season all the way through the playoffs.

Sling TV is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Nexus Players on your home entertainment system, iOS and Android on your mobile device, and Xbox One for gaming devices. Sling TV is, of course, compatible with your desktop and laptop as well. You may think there is a hidden commitment for such a valuable service, but there isn’t. Sling TV is purely subscription based and you can cancel anytime.

While you may be tempted by sites that promise free NBA game, when you Google online services, remember sites that seem too good to be true almost certainly are.