Who's the Real MVP?

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As the NBA regular season has come to an end, many people still debate who the Most Valuable Player award should go to this season. However, in order for people to figure out who the MVP is, they must first decide what it means to be the MVP.

Some people believe that the award should go to the best player on the best team, like Stephen Curry who plays guard for the Golden State Warriors.

He has led his team to a 67-15 record, which is the best in the NBA, and helped them win the Western Conference by 11 games. According to the ESPN.com Hollinger stats, the Warriors are first in offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency. This means they score the most points per 100 possessions and they allow the least amount of points per 100 possessions.

Curry leads his team in points, assists, and steals per game. He also leads the NBA in real plus minus, which is a stat that measures a player’s impact on his team’s performance. If you’re a fan of the best player on the best team then Curry just may be your pick.

There are also those who believe it should go to the player that is the most valuable to their team like James Harden is to the Houston Rockets.

The all-star guard has led the Rockets to a 56-26 record, which is good enough to give them a two seed in a tough Western Conference. He was able to do this without the help of one of the best players on his team, former all-star and Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard, who missed 41 games.

Harden on the other hand only missed one game this season and led the team in points, assists, and steals per game. He also leads the NBA in wins above replacement, which is the number of team wins accredited to a player because of his performance. If you’re a person looking for the most valuable choice, then you may pick Harden.

People also believe the MVP is the player who had the best production individually this season such as Anthony Davis or Russell Westbrook.

Davis is a power forward for the New Orleans Pelicans who is only in his third year, but is having a big year. He leads the NBA in blocks, averaging 2.94 per game. He also averages 24.4 points per game, which is fourth in the NBA.

Davis led the NBA in the player efficiency rating, which rates a player’s production per minute. The average rating for a player is 15, and Davis’ is 30.89. If you are looking for the best player according to productivity, then Davis could be your guy.

Another player who had a very productive season individually is Westbrook.

Westbrook led the NBA in scoring with 28.1 points per game, and was second in steals with 2.09 per game. He also ended the season third in assists, averaging 8.6 per game.

He also led the NBA in triple doubles this season, as he finished with 11. The player with the second highest number of triple doubles only had four. A triple double is when a player gathers double-digit stats in three categories such as points, rebound, assists, blocks, or steals during a single game. Westbrook also had the second highest player efficiency rating in the NBA this season.

If you believe the MVP is the person with the most impressive statistics, then you’re probably leaning toward Westbrook.

What is your definition of the Most Valuable Player?


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