Two bowl games, one TV. Catch upcoming college football with Hopper’s side-by-side

Tomorrow kicks off college football bowl season, so it’s time to put Hopper’s side-by-side feature to use.

From now until the national championship game on January 12, this year’s top college football teams will play in bowl games across the country, and this year’s lineup has us eager to watch. Because many of these matchups coincide, the side-by-side feature on Hopper saves you the stress of choosing which game to watch. With side-by-side, you can tune into two games at the same time, all on one screen.

Collegiate Football on the Field

Collegiate Football on the Field


What if you love football, but the rest of your household doesn’t feel the same way? Side-by-side is a solution for this little dilemma, as well. Pull up the family’s show with sound (on the left side of the screen) with your game muted (on the right). It might not be your ideal way to watch football, but hey, we’re into compromise.

As for any family sports rivalries during this year’s bowl games… well, we can’t help with that. But we do hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Learn how to get Hopper’s side-by-side feature up and running by clicking here.

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