Is Your Workplace a Game of Thrones®?

Is Your Workplace a Game of Thrones?

Here’s how you can tell

Friends, allies, enemies, foes, mercenaries, and demons: Game of Thrones® is back for season 7 this Sunday, July 16, on HBO®. We are all very excited.

Sign up for DISH now, you get HBO® at no additional charge for three months. Watch Game of Thrones® along with Silicon Valley®, Westworld, Veep®, and all the rest without paying an extra penny. That’s not even including the most entertaining movies, like “Jason Bourne and “Hacksaw Ridge.” This is what it’s like to be a Lord, with a strong and noble House.

The more you watch Game of Thrones®, the more you realize it’s Real Life. Especially at work.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or die. When you go to work, it’s kill or be killed. The good news is that it’s typically frowned upon to raise an army against your coworkers. Other than that, Game of Thrones® could be just another day at the office.

When you’re meeting the team for the first time

When no one knows who’s doing the report

When your coworker wants a favor

When the presentation is finally over

When the boss needs you to work the weekend

When the coffee is gone

When your coworker is telling you about LARPing

When you get picked to plan someone’s birthday

When you can’t remember your password after a long weekend

When you’re climbing the corporate ladder

When you’re waiting for the elevator doors to close

When someone says “teambuilding”


When someone reaches into the snacks with their bare hands

When you try to sneak out early

When it’s time for happy hour

When you subscribe to DISH and get HBO® included for three months