Your Weekly TV Pairing: The Walking Dead

You’re sitting on the edge of the couch. The down feathers in that trendy throw pillow you bought at Crate and Barrel are being sacrificed to the death grip of your goosebumpy arms. Your leg is bouncing — you just noticed — and you’re biting your nails.

It must be Sunday.


The Walking Dead is on.

Walking Dead ZombieHOLY CUH-RAP! Your neighbor three doors down just set her groceries gently onto the counter. Are you kidding me? Does she have any regard for other people in this building? It’s like she doesn’t know that everyone’s senses are working at five times normal capacity from all that adrenaline pumping through their veins. She had better not even think of using her garbage disposal if she knows what’s good for her (and you).

You look around. You need something to refocus some of that nervous energy. It’s weird; you’re craving meat. You find it. The perfect thing … in the snack drawer … behind the mini M&Ms.

Beef jerky.

Ripping into each tough bite grants the perfect balance of tensely clenched jaw and frantic gnawing to help you through the next 45 minutes.

Keep chewing.

You can do this.