[Weekly pairing] 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and a Pizza Doughnut

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Andy Samberg is a comic genius or a guy who simply says the first thing that pops into his head. After all, his humor is defined more by his goofy antics than by witty comments — but hey, that works for him. His childlike ways make him perfect for the part of juvenile detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Peralta’s immaturity mixed with all the other off-beat personalities is changing the face of TV cops. Brooklyn Nine-Nine replaces TV’s typical unrelenting criminal catchers with neurotic detectives who somehow always snag the bad guy. Which is definitely more entertaining. That’s why Brooklyn Nine-Nine pairs perfectly with pizza doughnuts.

A pizza doughnut, in all of its cheesy glory, is like a doughnut except way better. It looks like a sweet breakfast pastry on the outside: round, crisp and deep fried. Then you bite into it, and BAM. You get a blast of pizza goodness complete with a wild ride of flavors.

It’s exactly how Brooklyn Nine-Nine works. You think New York cops are all straight-edge — at least that’s what Law & Order had us believe. But then you get the quirky game-changers from this precinct like Peralta, Santiago and Gina that prove you all wrong. That’s why this pairing has the cliché doughnut facade with the in-your-face yet pleasant surprise of a gooey pizza filling.

You’ll have to make the calzone-like delight at home because it’s still just a Pinterest novelty. But playing chef in your kitchen is definitely worth it for this pairing. So, nestle into your couch, tune into Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and try not to choke between bites as you laugh your way through this sitcom.