Top 5 "Seinfeld" Episodes You Need to Watch

top seinfeld episodes
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Have you ever been caught yelling “No soup for you!” in the general direction of an enemy? Do you and your friends spend all your free time at the same diner? Do you and your girlfriends judge guys on their “sponge-worthiness”?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might just be a true Seinfeld fan.

While the classic television show has drawn legions of repeat viewers over the years, many fans are still conflicted over how to rank the top episodes. There’s no objective ranking system, but all fans of the show are bound to love these five classic episodes:

“The Chinese Restaurant”

Some fans may hold this episode from May 23, 1991, in ill regard because there are zero Cosmo Kramer appearances throughout. Nonetheless, this episode occurs completely in real time, with no scene breaks, making it unique in the Seinfeld universe. Plus, Jerry Seinfeld offers Elaine Benes $50 to eat an egg roll off some random person’s plate, so there’s that.

“The Deal”

This episode marks an important milestone in the relationship between Jerry and Elaine. Instead of trying to put a finite label on things, the two decide on some sort of “friends with benefits” setup. Things get even more awkward when Jerry gives Elaine a birthday card with the odd sum of $182 inside of it. This episode also features a classic George Costanza freakout after Jerry admits to having slept with Elaine.

“The Beard”

Perhaps no other show has ever had the same ability as Seinfeld to take normal life lessons and turn them into unforgettable moments. That’s certainly the case in “The Beard,” in which Jerry, Elaine and George are all forced to come to terms with some of their lies. George begins wearing a toupee, but loses his ability to deceive when he goes out on a date with a bald woman. Similarly, Elaine acts as a “beard” for a homosexual man until things get complicated, and we all find out that Jerry holds a closeted love for Melrose Place.

“The Dealership”

Another episode that plays on day-to-day life in an incredible fashion, this Season 9 gem is a must-see for any fan. The episode tells the story of Jerry visiting a car dealership with George, who insists he can help Jerry avoid getting the wool pulled over his eyes. In addition to the introduction of recurring character Puddy, this episode also features one of the greatest Costanza tantrums ever, in which he accuses an employee of stealing his Twix bar.

“The Subway”

Of all the Seinfeld episodes, this Season 3 classic may capture the essence of New York City better than any other. The storyline follows all four main characters through a subway trip, detailing their experiences. Kramer gets in trouble over a horse betting tip, Jerry meets a nudist, Elaine finds herself surrounded by lesbians and George gets scammed.