St Patrick’s Day TV

TV Shows & Movies for St, Patrick's Day

Luck tales

If there is one thing Saint Patrick’s Day reminds us, it’s that some people are lucky, and some people, unfortunately, are not so lucky. Watch any St. Patrick’s Day parade, and you’ll see more good luck charms than people. The greens, the shamrocks, the clinking pint glasses… they’re all part of an elaborate ritual to summon the favor of the cosmos. Well, we hope it works.

While you’re out celebrating, hunting leprechauns, or watching a parade, the airwaves will be full of the stories of the lucky—and the doomed. We picked some out for you to record. When you begin your day after St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll be happy to find them on your DVR. Take a look.

Save them all on your Hopper 3—it can record 16 channels at once. You can even create a St. Patrick’s Day folder on your DVR so they’re all in the same place. You make the pot. We’ll fill it with gold.

Tales of the Fortunate

SHO-W ch 319, 10pm / SHO-E ch 318, 11:30pm

In this episode of the cat-and-mouse hedge fund-versus-the-law series, Chuck develops a new strategy when his case stalls, Wendy helps a tech billionaire assess a candidate for a special project, and Axe considers pledging half his net worth to charity.

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust
TMCXE ch 328, 10pm

The set of a zombie film is overrun with zombies.

Mama June: From Not to Hot
WE ch 128, 9pm

Mama June reveals shocking results with the help of her new trainer, Kenya.

Outrageous Acts of Science
SCI ch 193, 8pm

A look at Internet legends who’ve achieved something incredible or were just incredibly lucky.

The Lucky One
E! ch 114, 8pm

In this unforgettable tale of romance, Iraq War veteran Logan Thibault tracks down a woman from a photo that he credits with keeping him alive.

CTRC ch 251, 5:30p

Two “Black American Princesses” (Halle Berry, Natalie Desselle) go to L.A. to audition for a music video. They don’t get the part, but they do become caretakers for a dying millionaire…

Fit, Famous, and Fabulous
ZLVING ch 218, 11pm

Details on celebrities’ workouts, diets and beauty routines.

Origins: The Journey of Humankind
NTGEO ch 186, 11pm

As the poet Frank O’Hara once put it, “In a sense we’re all winning / we’re alive.”

Stories of Tragedy and Misfortune

Weather Caught On Camera
WEATH ch 214, 9pm

An expert skier is buried alive, a Colorado mudslide turns a mountain pass into a treacherous mess, lightning in Oklahoma sends two college students running for cover, and a Tennessee flood turns a schoolhouse into a boathouse.

OXYGN ch 127, 7pm

The November 2009 shooting death of a husband while hunting is investigated.

SBLCK ch 355, 6:30pm

A desperate handyman falls into a high-stakes game of Russian roulette in which degenerate gamblers wager on life and death.

Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery
HMM ch 187, 9pm

A cookie baker eagerly tries to help a new detective solve the puzzling murder of her friend, the local milk-delivery man, who was found dead behind her shop.

The Family That Slays Together
CI ch 249, 9pm

A man’s family members are suspected in his murder.

Kill the Irishman
SEDGE ch 352, 11:40pm

The story of Danny Greene, an Irish thug working for mobsters in Cleveland during the 1970’s.

The Shootist
OTDCH ch 396, 10pm

A dying gunman aims to go out in a blaze of glory while settling old scores and making new friends in turn-of-the-century Nevada.

Undertaking Betty
INDIE ch 378, 9pm

A lonely funeral director helps a woman he’s loved since childhood fake her death so they can run away from her cheating husband and start a new life.

We hope your Saint Patrick’s Day is a lucky one!