Are you hashtag cursed?

TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Friday the 13th

Take cover and watch TV and movies on Friday the 13th

It is January 2017, and the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. This is ominous. You don’t need to suffer from triskaidekaphobia to know that Friday the 13th bodes ill.

We would not judge anyone who decides to spend Friday the 13th under the covers, hiding. Who knows what evil may befall those who venture forth into the world that day?

Instead of risking life and limb, we beg you: stay home, or find somewhere to take shelter, and watch as curses and unfriendly ghosts take possession of people on TV.

The good news is that ghost trouble comes in many entertaining varieties! And you can find it creating problems for some truly iconic characters on DISH Anywhere. Here are just a few characters who have a supernaturally bad time of it, for your viewing pleasure.

Agent Dale Cooper

Cult favorite Twin Peaks is one of the best shows to watch on Friday the 13th. Witness the frightful influence of the Black Lodge on the town as well as the virtuous effects of good cups of deep, black, steaming hot coffee. Then try to explain to your friends what Twin Peaks is “about.” Look for the revival, coming to Netflix later this year!

The Brothers Winchester

Of Supernatural fame: the ongoing, twelve-season show. Dean and Sam Winchester are a latter-day Mulder and Scully, tracking down paranormal creatures across the country. Watch as they take on whole demon armies at a time. In the current season, they’re busy performing exorcisms at the highest levels of the U.S. government!

John Ceallach and Chad Higginbotham

Zoinks! Follow these ghost hunters and ex-military buddies through Tennessee as they hunt the infamous Bell Witch in Cursed: The Bell Witch. Using technology from ground-penetrating radar to thermal imaging cameras, they search for the witch and even work with locals to try to break the curse. The Bell Witch has been haunting the good people of Adams, Tennessee since the 1850s, and has scared away previous ghost hunters as recently as the 1980s. This is one persistent poltergeist.

Katherine Rance

Katherine has not been the same since her accident, and her mother suspects she’s sort of… possessed. Yikes! It’s The Exorcist—a TV series sequel to the 1973 film—and it’ll make your head spin. Get an early start and you can stream every episode in the series. There are ten so far, and they’ve been well received by fans and critics alike.

Jason Vorhees

What better movies to watch on Friday the 13th than the Friday the 13th franchise? Hear every blood-curdling cry, see every thrust of a machete, reel at the thud of every lifeless body.

That’s right, every single Friday the 13th movie and all the shows mentioned here are available to DISH customers right now on DISH Anywhere. Stream away, scream away, and enjoy.

And consider yourself lucky.